The right team ensures your solution gets to market and reaches the right audience

What We Do

Agenix helps companies get to market and get traction. Whether it's a set of online Fintech tools, an STO or PVP mobile gaming app, our team brings real-world centralized and decentralized experience to your project.

Market Research

Great ideas don't need to chase markets, they create them. Agenix market research helps ensure that your idea can gain traction.

Product Management


Nothing supports success like a well managed product. From prioritizing features to validating user feedback, Agenix provides the product management services you need to get to MVP and beyond.  

Business Development


Through our broad network of partnerships, we can provide expert advice to companies regarding distributed ledger technology, token economics, and digital assets, as well as M&A and capital markets advisory.

Marketing Execution

From regulatory challenges to messaging, Agenix helps you get your product in front of users and industry analysts without worry or concern. 

Agenix is a full-service digital business development agency.  We help you develop and grow your business using the latest technology to enable freedom, transparency, and security.


Agenix Keeps Good Company



Meet the Team

Domenic Thomas


Domenic Thomas has an MBA from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School.


Domenic's initial interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain networks started in 2010 when he started mining bitcoin. He has been consulting and dedicating his energies full-time in the space since 2016.


He co-founded the WORBLI Network project in January 2018. He recently brokered a deal to bring in critical partners, Amazix Capital and 0rigin, to to the WORBLI project in January 2020.

Will Hill


Will is a senior product architect with a diverse background that includes 20 years of experience spanning physical and technological inventions.


He has lead and managed engineering teams in China, the US, and the UK, most recently focusing on blockchain web-app development. 


Will's background includes UI-UX design for WORBLI, the United Nations, Bupa, Cancer Research UK, Chanel 4 TV, LDV Trucks, Hyundai, and the Ministry of Defense.

Tobias Bray


Tobias brings a diverse background of experience that includes software development, data analysis, operations, business process improvement, HR, sales, and customer service to Agenix.


His unique perspective on how to demonstrate a brand's promise to buyers, coupled with a deep and analytical curiosity and a drive to improve customer service, has transformed companies in healthcare and fintech.


Tobias majored in Business and Technology at Towson University, and lectures at the Carey School of Business, at Johns Hopkins.

Dave Blake


Dave has served as the general manager of a large corporation for over 20 years. His leadership and insight into managing groups of people is one of his driving influences.

Dave’s “Soul purpose” is to help others redefine their story by evaluating current conditions discovering alternatives and solutions.

Dave is committed to ongoing change in his own life and believes simple changes on a daily basis offer us an opportunity to live healthy, happy and successful lives. 

Sean Anderson


Sean started out doing design work and sales at his dad's marketing company over 30 years ago. Since that time he has consulted with businesses and individuals, helping them grow their organizations in exponential ways.


Sean's passion is in creating and delivering the right message to the right people in the right way.  Helping folks use whatever tools are needed to communicate that message and expand their business is at the center of what Sean is about. 





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